Thursday, September 18, 2008

Afterworld News

For those wondering about Season 2 of Afterworld, here's an article you'll find interesting:

If you don't want to read it all- they are planning a season 2 (so taking place after episode 130), but more like 50 episodes that are around 4 minutes each. No release date- the interview was from May 2008, and at the time they were in the middle of Gemini Devision.

The Wordwall is the best place to get up to date information. There's not a lot going on their right now, but it's the first place Season 2 info will be posted, most likely.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What Would Have Happened on Sliders?

"Sliders" was a great show that starred Jerry O'Connell, Cleavant Derricks, Sabrina Lloyd and John Rhys Davies (initially anyway). O'Connell played young scientest Quinn Mallory who discovered how to open wormholes that led to alternate realities. Early tests bring Quinn back to Earth, but when he changes a setting, they get stuck on an alternate Earth for a number of hours, the wormhole reopens and sends them all to another Earth. The first few seasons were good, then co-creator Tracy Torme started criticizing the show and David Peckinpah came in and changed the show's direction- and not really for the better. Characters were killed off, new ones brought in, and by the end, the only original cast member was Derricks- "Rembrandt Brown." Even Jerry O'Connell had left, replaced by someone who was supposed to have all of Quinn's memories but trapped in someone else's body.

The last episode had the Sliders coming into a reality where they were worshipped and Sliding was some sort of religion. A psychic on this world had been watching them clairavoyantly and he's able to prove it by various paintings and his impossible knowledge of their previous slides. He warns them that the next slide would be there last. After a whole lot of hoopla and drama, Rembrandt slides alone after being injected with a virus that could stop the evil Kro-mags from taking over the alternate Earths and the remaining Sliders were left with an uncertain future and without a timer (as it gets destroyed). For a really good synopsis, read this.

Surprisingly, there's not a whole lot of information as to what would've happened should there have been a season six, but there are a whole lot of questions.

With all indications that the fifth season was the last, why promote a cliffhanger?

In an online chat, Story Editor Keith Damron talked about a big-budget Kromagg battle royale that would use Geiger's combine technology to boot the Kromaggs off Earth Prime. It never came to be, and "The Seer" was produced in its place.

According to the Dimension of Continuity, the cliffhanger was predicated by production and by executive producer Bill Dial in particular to make cancelling the show harder — because the Sci-Fi Channel essentially ignored production.

The cliffhanger was the result of a production team attempting to fight back for having complete creative freedom over their stories, something Tracy Tormé had been fighting for since the beginning of the show.

Cleavant Derricks wished to keep the show going and pushed for a cliffhanger himself. "I never think it should end with any kind of closure," he insists. "I think one or all of us will go on to slide. The thing about sliding — in all of our imaginations — is that once you start it is difficult to stop. I don't care what your goals may have been along the line, but once you start it's very hard to give up."

I also read the Derricks thought that Prof. Arturo (Rhys Davies) should have returned for the 6th season as there was another episode that hinted Arturo and a double had switched places (or that the original had been forced to somehow), and it was the double that was killed, something that Tracy Torme had said as much during an interview.

So there's not much out there- not that I've been able to find anyway- but the cool thing about Sliders is that the possibilities were endless, so it's fun to imagine what might've happened.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Would Have Happened on Journeyman...?

There's a great interview over at Ain't It Cool News with Kevin Falls that discusses some of what would've happened had "Journeyman" not been cancelled. It's not quite as specific as I would have liked, but enlightening none-the-less.

Some highlights:

Yes, Olivia was alive in 2008.

Deleted scenes had Dan betting on games in the past for money.

The season finale would have had Dan finding both Katie and Zack completely gone from his life.

Check out the interview for other goodies.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Sneak Preview of "Fringe"

JJ Abrams new show for fall, Fringe, looks like an interesting cross between "X-Files" and "Alias". Of course, that's how Fox is going to market it, but knowing JJ Abrams's shows well, I'd have to venture a guess that it's going to be quite different. Check out the preview below and see what you think:

There's an article over at that details the two hour pilot, but I've opted to skip it for now. It does contain spoilers, so you've been warned :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

LOST- Season 4 Finale....A Little Bit O'Spoilage

All right- I sooooo cannot wait for this evening, especially with the clips from tonight's two-hour season finale over at Eonline (go check out Watch With Kristin). They're all great- but the last one, between Daniel, Charlotte and Miles REALLY has my interest peaked. I wish there was a way to post it here, but for some reason it never works (why, Blogger, why ?!?).

Here's a link though, that will pop up in a new window:

So what do you think? What's Charlotte's back story? Child of a DI worker? I don't think so, only because you think she'd be out for Ben Linus as this makes her situation all the more interesting.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Moonlight- A Perhaps "What Would Have Happened" on Season 2

I found this gem over at a forum that was discussed at "Moonlightcon" (I have no idea what this is, admittedly):

1) Officially DEAD: Ryder, Lt.Carl, and ..brace yourselves...Sarah Whitley. Yep he said they are all done, though wouldn't reveal how they ended up gone...

2) Simone, Josef's freshie, was to be a big part of the season, however the actress playing her failed to mention she's pregnant, so they're not sure about what to do with that.

3) Beth IS indeed part of the French Royal bloodline and she does hold the key to the cure which is why she was kidnapped. He also said that because of this Beth CAN NOT be turned. Whether that means she can't because it wouldn't work or it can't because she would die was left up in the air...

) The season was going to revolve around a group called "The Legion" who have been around forever. They are humans and THEY GAVE THE LIST TO TALBOT!!! They feel that the vampire population has gotten out of control in Los Angeles and needs to be reduced. They basically declare war with the vampires and IT IS SO ON! Lance & Coraline return and ask Mick to help. Basically he now only has one choice - fight with the vampires or fight with the humans. He said total vampire apocalypse would indeed be the case. One planned scene was having the L.A. River at night FULL with 100s of Cleaners taking on the Legion army - wow, can you just picture that???

5) The bad news, and I must stress that this is *right now* and things can always change, so don't freak out too much, but... apparently Sophia refuses to move to New York for filming. Which means we would lose our Beth. As you can imagine we all started screaming that there was no point without her in it. I mean, I love our boys but theres no ML without MickBeth for me, personally. Lets hope they get to stay in L.A. after all or that Sophia will change her mind. AGAIN, nothings 100% right now, so please don't start emailing her, lol.

This was from this forum:

Ahhh....CBS Ye Knew Me- Not at All!

Well, they tanked "Jericho" with sticking it at 10 on Tuesday nights, and now they've axed "Moonlight." You go, CBS. Let's see how many more viewers you can tick off. The only shows I'll be watching are "Ghost Whisperer," which I'm surprised has survived as long as it has, "How I Met Your Mother," (thank God someone had enough sense to renew that) and "Big Bang Theory." Someone else in my household may turn on "Survivor", but I won't be paying attention- I'm over that, big time. The rest of your shows aren't in the demographic that you want to win: ie, mine (CSI and all of it's spin offs and the other crap you've got on), but I see the logic (not) in cancelling a show that consistently pulled in decent numbers for a Friday night. If I didn't love HIMYM, I probably wouldn't stick around on Mondays either.

When I can find it, I'll post info on what would've happened on "Moonlight" and any other cancelled shows ("Jericho" for one) that I can find info on. If there's a particular show you want info about- post it in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Yep, It's Official, CBS Sucks

As many of you know, CBS cancelled "Jericho" but agreed to bring it back after fans sent in 40000 (that's right forty-thousand) pounds of nuts, inspired by Jake Green's response to the New Bern leader about their surrender in the season finale. Well, CBS listened and brought back the show for 7 whole episodes. There was a lot of confusion over its start date and the time- I swear I saw three different dates and times. And when it finally comes back, they banish it to 10 pm on Tuesday nights. Had it not been for random flipping on Saturday night, when they re-ran the season premiere, I would have missed it all together. Not that there's anything else on at that time worth watching, but seriously- it couldn't have been on at like Sunday at 9? I don't know about the rest of you, but I have kids to get up in the AM and by 10, I'm just plain tired. So I DVR the show. But that doesn't count in the ratings game.

So, apparently we've got no one to blame but ourselves. We should've pushed ourselves to stay up past our bedtimes. Nevermind that it was apparently a huge download on bittorrent and Itunes. Nevermind that CBS put it in a sucky time spot when there were dozens of other spots it could've gone in because of the strike.

So whatever CBS. If you even think about cancelling "How I Met Your Mother" I will wash my hands of you. I don't need to watch "Survivor" (in fact, I'm really kind of over and have been for several seasons, but the hubby likes it).